Updates of PostgreSQL Observability diagram.

Alexey Lesovsky
2 min readJun 28, 2021

Glad to present new updates of PostgreSQL Observability diagram and tell about further improvements.

Too much stats in Postgres

New releases of Postgres bring more and more stats. Upcoming Postgres 14 has new stats features and improvements on existing views.
I’ve reorganized items on the diagram and made a second side columns. It looks a bit clunky, but I think after two major releases all space will be occupied by new stats views and functions.

Added two new extensions — pg_stat_monitor and pg_wait_sampling. They are similar to already presented pg_stat_kcache — these are 3rd-party unofficial extensions.

Also, I found that I mistakenly lost pg_stat_user_functions view. Returned it back.

Next improvements are related to description pages.

The first is the new section — Tips’n’tricks. There I added some useful tips about explained views and functions.

The second is less noticeable — various links in Resources sections. This is mostly links to queries useful for DBAs.

The last, and the most exciteful feature (at least for me). I’ve created a new repo with PostgreSQL stats questions and answers. There I created a long list of questions which could arise when administering Postgres server. I’m going to answer on these question and add the links to resources section. Now this is done for Client Backends. Of course, it would be great if you review the list and send me your questions.

That is all, hope this will be informative and useful. If you have any other ideas, tips let me know.