New pgSCV 0.6.0 has been released, with two new features and with minor fixes and improvements.

pgSCV is a Prometheus exporter and monitoring agent for PostgreSQL environment. Project’s goal is to provide a single tool (exporter) for collecting metrics about PostgreSQL and related services.

Global filters. Sometimes you may want to filter some of exposed metrics. For example, metrics about particular users, databases, tables or whatever else. Using filters it is possible to define ‘include’ or ‘exclude’ filtering rules for metric collectors. A tiny example:

In this example, all metrics collected by “postgres/statements” collector with databases which match with specified regular expression, will not be exposed.

Environment variables. The usual way to configure pgSCV is a YAML configuration which is stored in file. Such approach might tricky when using pgSCV with containers — in such case, volumes are required to use. Environment variables allow to configure pgSCV and avoid YAML configs and volumes.

In this example, Postgres connection settings are passed with DATABASE_DSN variable. It is also possible to specify more than one DSN and collect metrics from many Postgres instances. The most of configuration settings could be defined with environment variables.

For more information and examples checkout settings reference and docker tutorial.

This release make pgSCV is more configurable and container-friendly, I hope you will find it useful.

PostgreSQL DBA