Grafana dashboards for pgSCV.

What is in PostgreSQL dashboard?

Overview — this is a panel with RED metrics — requests, errors, durations — from Postgres point of view it means number of processed statements (queries), number of errors in the logs and average duration of successfully executed statements. Taking a look at this panel it is possible to understand is there any problems with processed traffic.

Logs and part of statements charts
Locks and Wait Events
Huh, there are 37 hidden charts.

What is in Pgbouncer dashboard.

Utilization is about how pools are used and is their capacity is sufficient. Using this charts you can answer on question are the pools configured properly.

What is in System dashboard.

Here is a seasoned DBA will not find any new stuff — this dashboard cover only necessary thing which helps to make a quick overview of system health. For deeper analyzing it is always possible to visit Grafana’s Explore and make ad-hoc query.



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