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PostgreSQL DBA

New pgSCV 0.7.0 has been released, with new features, bug fixes and minor improvements.

Basic authentication and TLS support. When pgSCV have to be installed in public or untrusted networks, it can be protected with TLS and basic authentication. Basic auth restricts access and TLS encrypts communication. It is strongly recommended to use both and TLS and basic auth — without using TLS, auth credentials could be easily intercepted. Checkout the wiki for configuration details.

Patroni support. Patroni is the widely used tool for Postgres high availability and often used in Postgres infrastructure. Added auto-discovery for local Patroni services with…

Glad to present new updates of PostgreSQL Observability diagram and tell about further improvements.

Too much stats in Postgres

New releases of Postgres bring more and more stats. Upcoming Postgres 14 has new stats features and improvements on existing views.
I’ve reorganized items on the diagram and made a second side columns. It looks a bit clunky, but I think after two major releases all space will be occupied by new stats views and functions.

Added two new extensions — pg_stat_monitor and pg_wait_sampling. They are similar to already presented pg_stat_kcache — these are 3rd-party unofficial extensions.

Also, I found that I mistakenly lost pg_stat_user_functions view…

New pgSCV 0.6.0 has been released, with two new features and with minor fixes and improvements.

pgSCV is a Prometheus exporter and monitoring agent for PostgreSQL environment. Project’s goal is to provide a single tool (exporter) for collecting metrics about PostgreSQL and related services.

Global filters. Sometimes you may want to filter some of exposed metrics. For example, metrics about particular users, databases, tables or whatever else. Using filters it is possible to define ‘include’ or ‘exclude’ filtering rules for metric collectors. A tiny example:

exclude: "^.*_(test|staging)$"

In this example, all metrics collected by “postgres/statements” collector…

A week ago I announced pgSCV — a new metrics exporter for PostgreSQL. After that, some people asked me about dashboards — it will be nice to provide dashboards for pgSCV. I had a task to make dashboards in my todo list, and the request for dashboards didn’t surprise me. This is obvious, pgCSV provides a lot of metrics, and even seasoned DBAs need a lot of time to understand all of that and then make a dashboard.

I’ve made and published dashboards which cover the most metrics from pgSCV, but not the all. …

In this post I am going to tell about pgSCV — new metrics exporter for PostgreSQL and Postgres-related services.

Almost all who use Prometheus and PostgreSQL know about postgres_exporter. It is quite easy to start to use this exporter. It also have
metrics extending capabilities. Using SQL query, it is possible to describe your own metrics and collect them. Having good knowledge about Postgres stats it is possible to collect a lot of metrics. But, often with PostgreSQL there are many other Postgres-related tools are used, connection pools for example (e.g. Pgbouncer, Odyssey, etc). Metrics about all of them also have…

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